Hypnotherapy has changed my life

Well what can I say…. Ali is just an amazing lady. As soon as I attended at Ali Tomlinson Therapy I felt at ease and had instant trust for Ali. I can honestly say hypnotherapy has changed my life…

Having suffered from on and off depression and anxiety for half of my life (15 years) I am finally able to cope with it and overcome and deal with stressful situations. When I first met with Ali she asked me what I truly wanted from this… I said to come off my anti depressants… well guess what.. after 7 years of being on them l am today medication free. Ali has taught me that if you focus on what you want you can get it!!

Don’t listen to doctors and their pharmaceutical money scams…. alternative therapy is honestly just what you need! It also makes all the difference when you find a therapist that truly cares!

To this day I still speak to Ali should I need her… she is always there… for everyone.

Make a difference in your life today and see this wonderful lady.. you won’t regret it

I couldn’t recommend her enough

What a wonderful lady she has helped me so much . I have been seeing Ali for a few months and she has changed me from someone who had no self esteem and no confidence who didn’t sleep and had panic attack’s. To a person who has just started a new job , sleeps like a baby and is full of confidence. I also have been on two flights with no panic attacks . I can not recommend Ali enough and if you have any doubts about getting any help and support don’t , do it now contact Ali you won’t regret it .

“I have missed out on so much”

Wow what can I say. Alison you really have changed my life. I have suffered with IBS for 19 years on and off and have tried so many different tablets and diets throughout that time. Due to my IBS my anxiety levels were through the roof. Over the years I have missed out on so much due to panic setting in and me resulting in not going somewhere, cancelling things or just not making plans in the first place. It got to the stage I would panic every morning about doing a 20 minute journey to work. I have had a total of 11 sessions with Alison and had my last one yesterday evening. I can honestly say I have never in 19 years felt as confident in myself and my IBS as I do now. Thank you for everything xx

The Best Pain Relief

I am nervously excited as I have had 2 much better days after just one session with Alison for the “incurable” Fibromyalgia that I have been suffering from especially in the last three months. Early days I know but I can’t wait for the next session. Two weeks ago I had to get emergency pain killers from the doctors which made me feel terrible. I know which treatment I’d like best!

Thanks Ali 

I Have My Life Back

“So as most of you know depression has been a massive part of my life and has especially made the last couple of yours pretty bleak. Gave up playing rugby, couldn’t work, became an awful husband and a crappy dad BUT that’s all changing and very rapidly right now and it’s all down to Solution focused Therapy. With as little as 8 sessions, I’m comfortably back at work full time, coaching rugby, occasionally playing rugby, and becoming more social again. I couldn’t thank Alison Tomlinson more for returning my life back to me”. 

Positive Outlook

Alison has been seeing me weekly for low mood. The sessions have really helped me to have a more positive outlook on my life and helped me to relax. I am now able to stop and think about changing my mood to a positive one rather than reverting to old negative behaviours . Alison a a calm, kind and very positive person and is able to put you at ease quickly. She is reliable and professional and I would have no hesitation  in returning to her for more sessions should the need arise. Thank you AlIson for your help !

Coping with Pain

I have seen Alison for several sessions to help me with neck pain that the doctors and hospital had been unable to help me with beyond strong painkillers that did not work ! After about the third week I began to notice a difference certainly in the way I perceived the pain I was suffering and how I could deal with it on a daily basis. Alison is a very kind, understanding and positive person and I truly believe she has made a difference.