I am more than happy to run workshops for up to 20 people. I like to think that this can be an educational experience for the group of learners.

I will spend a little time talking about how I became a Solution Focused Therapist and how it transformed my life on many many levels.

I will then to on to discuss how the brain works and how we become trapped in a never ending cycle of negativity which leads to depression, anxiety or anger issues. How phobias and bad habits are created, and what we can do about them.

I will teach the group a NLP (Neuro linguistic Programme) technique called Swish which helps with one off situations that can be stressful like an interview. I will then take the whole group into a state of complete and deep relaxation and trance so that they can experience this unique mental state in a safe environment.

The whole event should take approximately 2 hours depending on how many questions get asked, and believe me there are usually many.

Each learner will receive a free download of my MP3 so that they can experience sleep on another level once they are back at home.

Afterwards the learners should be feeling, educated and excited by what they have been told. Relaxed, refreshed and positive in their attitudes towards their future.

I charge £10.00 a head for corporate workshops and there is a minimum and maximum head count of 5-20 people.